human bibliography



This is an indicative catalogue of the books you may find in a Human Library:

"Living an (HIV) positive life"

"I'm grey and I'm gay - growing up out, loud, proud"

"Coming from Africa"

"Consensus objector"

 "Migrating towards a better life"

"Living between the sighted and the unseen"

"The Godless Faggot"

"My signing hands are my life"

"Half or twice a lady?"

"Will on wheels"

"Being feminist in a sexist world"

"Living as a psychiatric survivor"

"A Guerilla in Athens. From being a freedom fighter in Zimbabwe to being a slave in Maroussi"

"Azadi means free. The Adventures of a refugee from Afghanistan towards a Europe-Fortress"

"The state promised me equal rights, but they were lying. As a gay man I have the same obligations as everyone else, but what about rights?"

"Living as a militant atheist in a deeply religious country."

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