Human Library at the atrium of Booze Cooperativa

  The Human Library doesn't have actual books, but people willing to share their personal experiences with their readers in order to combat social discrimination, break stereotypes and foster a culture of diversity.
  A trans woman, an HIV positive man, an actress with disability, a refugee from Afghanistan, people who have experienced chronic institutional and social racism are the "Human Books" that offer themselves as books for "reading", through a personal one-on-one discussion with the visitors of the Human Library.
  On Sunday July 17 from 18.00 till 23.00 we 're organizing another Human Library event in downtown Athens, at the new atrium space of the Booze Cooperativa, (57-59 Kolokotroni str, Athens).
  The venue is accessible to people with disabilities; there will be a list of books available in Braille and large print format.
  There will also be Human Dictionaries (interpretation) available in English, French, Farsi (Persian), Dari (Afghani) and Greek Sign Language for the readers who don't speak the language of the book.
  Come read the stories that challenge you, provoke you and intrigue you. Come where the stories come to life...


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