Human Library in Petrupolis

At 20th of March, one day before the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Human Library will be at “Free Space- Botanical Garden”.

You won’t be borrowing books, but fellow citizens that volunteer whop expose their uniqueness in a try to defeat our prejudices.

The area is accessible to people with disability. Plus, there will be the possibility of translation in English and our catalogues are also in Braille and in extra large font. If your native language is Greek Sign Language please indicate your participation by texting us in 6976587508 so as to foresee the possibility of translation.

Come and read the stories that challenge you, that puzzle you, that intrigue you. Come where the stories come alive…

WHERE: “Free Space- Botanical Garden”, St.Dimitrios square, Petrupolis.
HOW: buses: 700 from subway station Agios Antonios, A11 and B11 from subway station Attiki (bus stop “Paleo Terma”)
WHEN: Sunday 20th of March, time 12.00-17.00

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