Would you like to become a Living Book yourself?



In order to be selected by the Human Library as a Living Book, you must possess the following characteristics:

Is your answer to the following questions a “Yes”?

  • Are you a reliable person?
  • Are you a sincere person?
  • Can you face the stereotypic behavior coming from other people? 
  • Are you willing to assist your readers to get acquainted with different ways of life, different life conditions and different attitudes about life, as well as differences in identities of people?
  • Are you able to present all the above in a clear way, without lecturing people?
  • Are you willing to converse with all sorts of people?
  • Are you able to have reflective and mature conversations with people?
  • Are you able to “listen” to people in all possible terms and not being very chatty? 
  • Are you self-confident enough to talk to strangers?
  • Do you know what your rights are and are you able to talk to people about them?

Therefore, if your answer to the above questions was “Yes” and you would like to learn more –or you already like to become a Living Book- contact us through the communication form (or mail us directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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