about us

The first time that our group came across the idea of Human Library was through the very successful group of Human Library in Turkey and later on during the conference of United that took place in Sheffield in June 2009. In September 2009 we received the approval for our collaboration from the Danish organisers of the International Network of Human Libraries and we started working!

In times when we were concerned as individuals as well as a group from the subtle encouragement (or even enforcement) of a kind of life style of a racist view in Greece, we thought that Human Library is a great tool for imposing coexistence, sensitivity and education on the human rights and fight against social exclusion.

The main characteristics of the way that we have decided to work is self-organisation and working collectively. All of our activities are self-financed by us and are open in all those who wish to support a civilisation which will include, recognise and appreciate diversity.


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