The function of Human Library

Human Library reverses the idea of traditional Library, by offering persons instead of books for lending. This innovative idea offers to people of different origins the chance to share their experiences with readers, who want to communicate through this diversity.

  •  Through the ''bibliography'' of Human Library you have the chance to choose the Living Book, which you'd like to meet and talk for about 30 minutes.
  • In case you don't speak the language of the Living Book, the Human Library will offer you a Living Dictionary (interpreter) during the time of reading.
  • You can start the conversation with a small presentation of yourself and ask the book questions about its life and its values. Don't be ashamed! This is the right moment, in order to learn, if what you believe about HIV positive people, gay and lesbians, disabled people or objectors of conscience , correspond with the reality of the Living Books.
  • The reader must return the Living Book in the same intellectual and physical state that he/she has found it. He/She is not allowed to cause any damage to the Living Book neither crease its pages or insult it with any way.
  • The possibility of keeping the children of the readers occupied in a creative way during their visit in Human Library is also provided.

Additional information