What our readers have said

Every Human Library event is followed by some kind of evaluation. After our first pilot event we asked our readers to tell us their opinion. Knowing that our readers participate in our efforts and, in a way, shape our future work through the evaluation of our previous events is very important to us.


In our question:

"What was your most significant experience during your book reading?"

Here are some of the answers we received:

  • The emotional involvement in the "plot" becomes stronger as you get closer to both the story and its "writer".
  • Hearing from the main character of a story, one that I already knew about through the media, his version and how he/she experienced it from within, and realizing all those things I didn't pay attention to the first time I hastily read through the story.
  • The chance to learn about (although in a few words) a part of another human's life in 20 minutes. 
  • Getting in touch with someone you would never normally get in touch with. 
  • Being able to talk and listen through someone else's experience. 
  • Realizing facts I was ignorant about, like how hard it is for someone to become "legal citizen" in Greece and how hard it gets for immigrants and refugees, in terms of psychological and living conditions. 
  • The intense feelings, the intense energy! 
  • The live description of a situation, the feeling and hope for change in our lives. 
  • Exchanging mutual experiences and feelings with the "book".
  • The process of "reading" a Human Book itself. 
  • I was impressed by the fact that a complete stranger confided in me with such intimacy about the problems he/she is facing. 
  • I was able to contact a person directly and ask him/her about anything I wanted to know regarding his/her situation.
  • I was impressed by the book's strength, dignity, resilience and fighting spirit. 
  • Coming face to face with my stereotypes and surpassing them. 
  • Discovering my connection with the book. 
  • I identified myself with and was touched by the strength and dignity of the "book" I read.

We liked: 

  • It was the first time I talked to a traffic policeman without my heart pounding with fear, and I actually found him very nice.
  • I realized the importance and the personal impact some stories have, especially the ones we skim through without considering the people involved.
  • I was given the opportunity to listen to the story of a person who belongs in a stigmatized group due to his/her profession. And I can honestly say that, from now on, I will always remember this book and I will talk about it with people who have the same prejudices I had.

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