Instructions for the readers

General lending instructions
The Human Library functions like every other library. Before you lend a book, arrive in the secretariat in order to get some information about the list of our books.


The Librarians
They are here so as to help you choose the book ,which best responds to your prejudice, based on the interaction, that you'll have with the selected book. Follow their instructions.

The Living Dictionaries
They are here to help you communicate with all those Living books you wish to read, but you can't speak their language. Please do not attempt to read the Living Dictionary by asking it questions about its own experiences. You are there, in order to read the book that you've already selected.

Duration of Lending
The book of Human Library is returned 30-50 minutes after the beginning of lending, depending on the existing conditions (use of Living Dictionary, parallel readings). We request for your respect within the time limits. Neither the parallel lending of more than one books , nor the extension or the renewal of lending is allowed.

Where to go
As soon as you've chosen your book, our librarians will direct you in the place, where the reading takes place. We request that you remain in the place, where the reading takes place.

What you should do
Books are returned in the state that have been received. Respect the book that you've lent! We suggest that you ask ''silly'' questions and strongly support your opinion. Nevertheless,respect the person who has voluntarily become a lending object. The Living Book has the right to stop the reading whenever it feels that it suffers mistreatment

What happens during the reading
Example: You can start the conversation with a small presentation of yourself and ask the lent book questions about its life and its values. Don't be ashamed! This is the right moment, in order to learn, if what you believe about Muslims, gay, lesbians, police-officers, or disabled people, corresponds to the reality of your Living Book.


Additional information