Understanding is the key

Overcoming prejudice or the role of Human Library
The aim of those involved in the Human Library is to support a culture that includes, recognizes and appreciates diversity.


Understanding is the key
It is always easier living next to someone that you understand, you have a contact point or you can relate to, than living against a social group that you have nothing in common. Human Library has the ability to photograph all the shades of grey that make our world so colourful, by making people from different backgrounds to have a meaningful and substantial conversation, and that’s how it makes the difference. Maybe, people will feel more confident and secure, by feeling understood. Understanding is the key to peace and harmony.

Facing your prejudices is never easy
But perhaps it will help you feel relieved and overcoming a burden. Making the step to realize what kind of stereotypes you have adopted for some social groups associated with their ethnicity, sexuality, religion, work or culture, is an important decision. But I have no prejudices, one can tell. We say that Human Library is an opportunity for new experiences and testing your beliefs and opinions.

Human Library...where the stories come to life
Written speech can express many things and have even more impact on people. Human Library, though, uses the speech face to face. And this speech can be very hard for some readers, but it can also be catalyst to others. The lending from Human Library is always for free, but what you get back in return is always proportional to the part of yourself that you enter in the conversation with the book. And of course be prepared for a unique experience…where the stories come to life!


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