Why Human Library?

Books function like living bodies. They breathe in the hands of the reader, speaks, writhes, cries, fights, gets angry. The same does the reader while reading it, sometimes more sometimes less he/she falls in love, gets passionate, irritated, laughs, gets anxious, calms and gets bored. What is for sure, the reader never comes out after this experience the same.

Because when you challenge the most common stereotypes in a positive and humorous manner, you give the chance to people to break them.

Because what is the point in moving your hand in a teaching way towards the ones who have and reproduce stereotypes, fears and racism, if you don't give them the chance to meet the ones they fear?

Because it is a concrete, but also an easy (and easily transferable) way of promoting tolerance and understanding.

Come over to read those stories that challenge you, hardens you and intrigues you. Come to the place where the stories come to life....

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